The Rose McIver Advent Calendar 2017

First of all: Welcome to the 2017 Rose McIver advent calendar! Just like in previous years (ignoring our downtime in 2016), we'll bring you daily Rose goodies leading up to Christmas eve. Our calendar will include everything from graphics and other media to Christmas recipes and more, and we hope you'll enjoy it. We've tried our best to make it as diverse and fun as possible! Each day, a new page will be available - just click the correct date. Make sure to follow us on twitter to be alerted the second a new gift is uploaded.

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December 7, 2017 - Twitter Avatars

300 x 300px Rose Avatars you can use as your profile photo!

Today we bring you some more twitter avatars! Some in Christmas style, some in normal style. Show all your followers that you're a fan of Rose by putting them your profile photo.

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